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About us

Piper K (founder) has been an active researcher and advocate for intersex Individuals and issues since 2015. We do want to mention well Piper is an amazing person as they do struggle with public speaking and have difficulty engaging with people like over Zoom or in person. They are trying to overcome these barriers.

 In 2018 Intersex London Canada held its first official event, Intersex 101. Since then, Intersex London has provided educational workshops, peer support, and community outreach throughout the London area. Intersex London has been able to provide education to multiple organizations locally and nationally, including Calgary Pride. COVID-19 restrictions moved Intersex London online, and this opened an unexpected door internationally. We have had individuals from around the world reach out for support and resources that we would not have had if not for the needed shift online.

We look forward to meeting in person with our local community, and we are so grateful for being able to continue to build the connections that the online world has created for us. Connection is the key to making change, and that change will not just be local.

List of what we have accomplished

  1. Got London Ontario City Hall to raise the intersex Flag

  2. Got London Ontario City Hal to an intersex-colored crosswalk

  3. Amazing event planning with little help



We strive towards creating a welcoming, safe, and non pathologizing community for all Intersex Individuals and their families by providing community outreach, peer support, and education about the intersex community and barriers they currently face.



A world where Intersex individuals are accepted, welcomed and regarded as incredibly beautiful and complex human beings that they are. Where Intersex children are not shamed or forced to be inauthentic and where diversity in bodies are celebrated.

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